Myer Dana and Sons is a real estate investment and property management firm specializing in suburban downtown retail space throughout New England. With retail space in 22 communities, Myer Dana and Sons is one of the largest owners and managers of “main street” retail store properties in New England. In addition to managing retail space for our own account, we also provide property management services throughout Greater Boston, with a total of over 600,000 square feet of retail space currently owned and managed.

We have been in the real estate business in Greater Boston since 1893 and have unparalleled experience and expertise in retail space. Our focus on suburban retail space and the geographic diversity of our portfolio affords us a thorough understanding of the retail real estate market. As a family business we also understand the unique issues associated with family ownership of real estate. Our professional property management team can provide all family owners with the confidence that their investment is being preserved and operated to its full potential while relieving them of day to day responsibilities.

Under the leadership of Myer Dana and Alan Dana the company is now in its fourth generation of family management. Myer Dana has been involved in the business since 1972 and is an expert in retail lease structure and is responsible for lease drafting and negotiations and heads up our bookkeeping and accounting functions.

After a successful career at a commercial real estate appraiser and consultant, Alan Dana joined the firm in 2002. Alan’s investment analysis skill, knowledge of local markets, and experience with financing and real estate taxes serve to round out the team’s expertise.